Meet the Owners

Tommy and Allison Goforth started Goforth Custom Builders in 2010, and it’s been a fun ride ever since.

One thing that’s never changed? Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible.

After graduating from Arkansas State University, in 2002, Tommy married the love of his life, Allison, who was working at Children’s Medical Center Dallas as a nurse in the hematology oncology department. Tommy started as a Customer Service Manager at US Homes in a subdivision North of Dallas. The pay was low with no opportunity for bonus but it allowed Tommy to get his foot in the door and start a career in the home building industry.

For the next eight years, Tommy moved up the ladder quickly while working with two of the largest home building companies in the nation. Over that period of time, he received numerous state and national home building awards and completed more than 250 homes.

In 2009-2010, when the home building market took a dive, Tommy and Allison decided to move back home to Hallsville in the piney woods of East Texas where they grew up. Goforth Custom Builders was born! After a few years of building spec homes and scraping by while living in a mobile home on their in-law’s property, Goforth Custom Builders began to get more and more work-God is good all the time.

Today, they are one of the larger custom home builders in the Longview area and have been awarded best Home Builder in Locals Love Us numerous times. Allison has become more and more involved in the company as the kids have gotten older. Customer Satisfaction has been and will continue to be their number one goal.

The Goforth family: Dade was born in 2003 when Tommy was beginning a career in home building. Dade literally grew up in the home building industry walking through homes and if drywall wasn’t installed yet, climbing through them as well! Luke came into the world 17 months after Dade. Audrey was next in 2008. Wyatt came along in 2010. By the time Wyatt came along, the Goforth household was full… until it wasn’t! Silas was born in 2017 and then they adopted Adeline from Colombia in 2019. Today, the Goforth quiver is overflowing with arrows and love. Tommy and Allison are enjoying every minute and looking forward to a bunch of grandkids, Lord willing. As the kids have gotten older, Allison has gradually become more involved and is now an integral part of the company. She helps with quotes and client selections when she is not homeschooling the kids.