Plan, Select, Build

We believe in working closely with our clients and their families to make the home building experience enjoyable, efficient, and exciting. Our Plan, Select, Build process breaks the potentially overwhelming process into manageable pieces, allowing us to give our clients an understandable explanation of the home building process and what they can expect along the way. Our proven team will hold your hand throughout every stage, providing you with ideas and suggestions, while helping you avoid common pitfalls. 

Plan– The Planning Phase

The main purpose here is to establish a clear and deliberate plan. We will evaluate your needs and set priorities, after which we will work with an experienced draftsman to produce detailed working drawings, specifications and final pricing. We will also discuss timing, financing, and logistical issues.

Select– The Selection Phase

Here we set up appointments with professional design companies specific to each trade to help take the stress and uncertainty out of the various selections. It can quickly become overwhelming. We focus on making all of the elements (colors, textures, etc.) work together throughout the house, while keeping you on time and on budget.

Build– The Construction Phase

Construction rarely goes exactly as planned. Through superior project management, we will minimize and resolve those headaches, so that you don’t get one. We are personally there every step of the way to absorb all of the stress so that you can focus on more important things in your life. Just relax and enjoy the ride!


We are a proven team with a proven process, with the singular focus of delivering a Superior Custom Service.